Cara Aktivasi Happy Elementor Addons Pro

The Pro version activation actually takes place in the code free version’s code. In the file happy-elementor-addons/vendor/appsero/src/License.php find the function check_license_status which starts on line 317 and

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Cara Aktivasi Noor theme

Open noor\functions.php, find this code around line 12 if ( ! defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) {exit( ‘Direct script access denied.’ );} After that just add

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Cara Aktivasi Memberpress

In the file memberpress/app/models/MeprOptions.php change line 246 from this: $this->mothership_license = ”; To this: $this->mothership_license = ‘123123123’; Put whatever key you want, it doesn’t matter

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Qubely Pro

Cara Aktivasi Qubely Pro

In the file classes/Updater.php, find the function __construct which starts around line 1, add this to the start of the function code: $license_info = array(‘activated’=>true,

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Cara Aktivasi Microthemer plugin

In file tvr-microthemer.php, at line 587, change: $response = false; To: $response = true; At line 594, change: $validation = !empty($response[‘unlock’]) ? $response[‘unlock’] : false;

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